About the Perfume

In April 2016, the nonprofit Roses for Autism launched its first non-perishable product, a perfume called Ardent Rose Eau de Parfum that captures the scent of the Lavande Rose.

Roses in general and the Lavande Rose in particular have a special place in the heart of the charity that provides job opportunities, job training, and scholarships for young adults with autism, aged 16-25.   The development of the fragrance captures the legacy of the nonprofit’s first initiative for job training-- the growing and selling of beautiful heirloom roses in the historic rose greenhouses in Guilford, Connecticut.  

As the saying goes, it takes a village, and to create this perfume it certainly did!   Back in 2014, when Ability Beyond board member Dr. Robert Bedoukian heard that the job training program for young people with Autism might be in jeopardy due to the expense of heating the rose greenhouses, he hatched the idea of creating a world class perfume using the skills and contacts his company had within the flavor and fragrance industries.  

His company, Bedoukian Research Inc. of Danbury, CT, manufactures materials and ingredients that are used in perfumes and flavors.    To come up with a concept for the perfume, Dr. Bedoukian first enlisted his sales team.   He then enlisted the renowned French fragrance house Robertet to join in the effort.   President Bob Weinstein of Robertet took the request for a new perfume as seriously as he would a large customer’s, such as Estee Lauder or Calvin Klein.    Robertet’s evaluator Bonnie Watts assigned a group of perfumers to compete with each other to develop the fragrance.  Each perfumer had the task of designing 12 sample perfumes for Bedoukian and his company's review.

Perfumer Donna Ramanauskas’s fragrance was the top choice.  From that point, Watts worked with Dr. Bedoukian and his employee Dr. Rahman Ansari to have Ramanauskas fine tune the fragrance until they were satisfied.  In designing the fragrance, the importance of matching the scent of the Lavende rose was a top priority.    “We actually received a large bouquet of the lavande roses for inspiration,” said Ramanauskas, when she was interviewed by NBC Connecticut News.

Ramanauskas has a decade of experience developing prestigious fine fragrances and scents for personal care products, but she said creating the new Ardent Rose perfume was extra special.

“It’s so amazing,” she said, “It’s one of the best projects that I’ve ever received in terms of my career so far.”

Deciding on a fragrance was an important step, but not the only one to launch Ardent Rose.    Bedoukian and his team needed a top advertising company to help market the perfume with a bottle and packaging design.  The Design Spot, one of New York’s premiere ad companies, offered to work on the project at a fraction of its normal fees.

The results of this collaboration to create Ardent Rose for Roses for Autism is a captivating and sparkling fresh floral scent that comes in a beautiful spray bottle consisting of 1.7 fl. oz.   The perfume is infused with Rose Absolute and White Amber to convey an intriguing and sensuous statement.   The fragrance will indulge the senses with the sprinkling of delicate and dewy floral petals of Magnolia and Geranium plus a passionate and warm blend of Sandalwood and Musk.

To purchase Ardent Rose perfume for that someone special or even for yourself, go to our Order page.   If you are a retailer and are interested in wholesale pricing, please contact sales@rosesforautism.com for details.   All sales proceeds will support the social enterprise programs for young adults with autism.

For more about purchasing flowers from Roses for Autism, visit rosesforautism.com.