The Mission


Roses for Autism is a dynamic social enterprise that helps individuals who are living with autism achieve their dreams of meaningful employment and personal success in their local communities.

The story behind Roses for Autism is in its name!  Based in Guilford, CT, we continue a three-generation legacy of growing gorgeous roses and other fresh cut flowers at the historic Pinchbeck farm greenhouses.  Our roses are locally renowned for being fresh-cut and full fragrant, and for unfolding in exquisite blooms over the course of two weeks upon delivery.  Our prized flowers continue to create a following among new and returning customers on a daily basis.   

We believe that all people - like roses - blossom when given both opportunity and support.   Our youth experience what it’s like to have their very first jobs.  With the encouragement of our dedicated team, these youth discover their unique strengths and interests while learning the necessary social and professional skills to thrive in the workforce.   Since 2009, Roses for Autism has helped nearly 100 young adults aged 16-25 gain positive work experience in all areas of our  greenhouse and e-commerce businesses.  In addition, we teach practical employable skills in order to ensure success in the workplace.  We also help foster valuable relationships within the community.  

At Roses for Autism, we like to say that we are a small business with a big mission!  Autism Spectrum Differences (ASD) are diagnosed in 1 in 68 children in the United States.  Currently, 88% of adults with Autism are unemployed or underemployed.  At Roses for Autism, we are changing that statistic every day!  From our training and mentorship programs, our interns have developed the skills to obtain jobs in industries such as retail, agriculture, technology, restaurant, hospitality, as well as the arts.  Many have also returned to school to pursue post-secondary education.  The successes of our interns inspire us every day to continue our mission!    

In 2016, we expanded our e-Commerce site to include new products for our interns to sell.   Through the generosity of one of our Ability Beyond board members, Dr. Robert Bedoukian, of Bedoukian Research, Inc. in Danbury, CT,  we were able to offer a   lovely perfume called Ardent Rose Eau de Parfum.   To read more about the details of how this perfume evolved and was exclusively created for us,  please go to our About the Perfume page.  

In about six months, again with the help of Dr. Bedoukian, we will be launching a new product, which will be a takeoff on our Ardent Rose perfume and just as fragrant and lovely!

When you consider our mission, or question our pricing, please remember what our sales mean to us.  All proceeds from our flower and perfume sales fund scholarships and programs for career training and mentorship.   As a sustainable social enterprise, each purchase buys so much more than just flowers and perfumes.   “People can buy flowers  everywhere, but when they choose to purchase flowers from us, they are supporting local business, preserving CT heritage, giving youth opportunities to succeed, and getting our amazing fragrant roses.  That’s a powerful twenty dollars!” - Michelle Ouimette, Managing Director.

Roses for Autism is a 501(c) charitable organization.   To read more about us and our parent organization,  please visit us at and