Fragrance Industry Association of North America Celebrates Ardent Rose Perfume


Ardent Rose Perfume received a special endorsement by the International Fragrance Association of North America (IFRANA) during this past holiday season.   Prominently displayed at the bottom of its season greeting card to nearly 3000 fragrance industry members was the gift idea of purchasing Ardent Rose Perfume from the non profit organization, Roses for Autism.   "This Season, we hope you consider giving the gift of Ardent Rose in support of Roses for Autism," ready the bottom of the card.  Not stopping there, IFRANA also spread the word of the new Ardent Rose Perfume on its Linkedin page, where about 2,182 viewed it, according to Farah K. Ahmed, President and CEO of IFRANA.  


Two members of IFRANA, fragrance and flavor manufacturer Bedoukian Research, Inc. of Danbury, CT and French perfume house Robertet worked together to develop the perfume.   

IFRANA's mission is to foster and advocate for the fragrance industry in the United States and Canada by promoting and supporting the safety, sustainability and integrity of products.   To learn more about IFRANA, visit


Rose Perfume is a new product sold exclusively by Roses for Autism. To purchase, go to the Order page or