Ardent Rose Perfume Makes National News

Ardent Rose Perfume caught the fancy of and its managing editor, Dr. Marlen Elliot Harrison.   The new perfume, offered exclusively by the non profit Roses for Autism, made national news on February 2, 2017 with Dr. Harrison's review on the online site.  He asked his viewers:

"But what does the fragrance actually smell like and would it be a successful purchase for perfume lovers? I'm happy to report that indeed the fragrance is truly lovely. In fact, Lovely by SJP is a fragrance I am immediately reminded of when wearing Ardent Rose. Replace the lavender and apple with magnolia and rose and you get the point; Ardent Rose could be Lovely's sister rose scent.  

Ardent Rose opens with a soft, airy rose and magnolia accord. I'm a huge fan of magnolia so was pleasantly surprised to see it so well presented here. Whereas many rose aromas are deep, rich, and well, perfumey, Ardent Rose is gentle and fresh-smelling with a light citrus hint, likely the result of the geranium. The base is supported by subtle sandalwood and white amber. Ardent Rose boasts moderate sillage and longevity and would make a great gift for a socially conscious fragrance lover or anyone who enjoys fresh florals."    To read the full story, visit

On the same day, Ardent Rose was listed in's Perfume Encyclopedia.   This perfume library is viewed by fragrance industry and retail professionals.    So far, the new Ardent Rose perfume received a rating of 5 of 5 (with 4 votes so far).   If you have a bottle or would like to purchase one, you also have the opportunity to post your reviews and vote at